Suitable for all drilling pressures. Valve assembly consists of valve body, valve insert and knock – on plate. Valve insert is secured to the valve body by a strong knock – on plate nut which minimizes the entry of solids such as lost circulation material under the insert and between the valve striking surface and insert. The heavy and extra strong integral driving lugs on knock – on plate nut ensure easy assembly and disassembly when changing the valve insert.

The lower valve stem with flat end facilitates holding in the vice for insert replacement without damaging the guide area. The face as well as diameter of the valve body are threaded. Both threads on valve body are coated with anti-seize compound to prevent corrosion. This facilitates replacement of insert.Selectively hardened lower flange face of valve body transmits severity of impact, if any, to flat cross arms of seat instead of tapered sealing surface. The valve body is placed square and flat on the valve seat. There is no shifting due to heavy load from fluid pressure.

Valve Inserts

Valve inserts are available in Nitrile and Polyurethane material. For low pressure and normal operating conditions, use Nitrile inserts. For high pressure and severe operating conditions, use Polyurethane inserts. During closing, the resilient valve insert makes first contact with the bevel on the seat and absorbs shock.

Valve Seats

Valve seat has precisely ground tapered outside diameter, which is perfectly matched with pump deck taper to provide metal to metal seal between high pressure and low pressure. Rigid design of three cross arms acts as a guide to valve stem. It increases metal to metal contact between valve body and seat for distributing the impact forces over a large area. It also provides enough flow-through area essential for smooth and knock-free operation of the pump. Wear grove at the junction of bevel sealing surface and flat cross arms indicates limit of permissible wear

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