Piston rods are available in single-piece design or two-piece design depending upon the type of mud pump. For `L’ head pumps such as National and Oil Well brands, two-piece rods are offered to facilitate removal of piston. An elastic stop nut is available for tightening the piston on to the piston rod. A specially designed piston rod nut wrench is available to prevent crimping the wall of the splined elastic stop nut. Other useful piston and rod removal tools are also offered.


Piston Assembly

For Triplex and Duplex mud Pumps Piston cores are made of normalized carbon steel forgings. Clearances of Piston core and liner bore are kept below 010". Piston rubber cup is of fluid king design. It features a stronger lip as compared to the cantilevered sharp lip. It also extends piston and liner life.


Valve Covers

Available in forged & machined EN-8 material for
A 1400 PT / A1700 PT / A1100 PT / A 850, PZ-9, PZ-8, PZ-10, PZ-11, 12P-160, 10P-130 pumps

Liner Wear Plates

Available in AISI 410 Stainless Steel for A1400 PT / A1700 PT / A1100 PT / A850 PT pumps

-Mud Pump Expendables
Valve Assembly & Component
Hy-Chrome Sleeves Cylinder Liners
Piston Rods
Piston Complete Assembly
-Drill Bits
Drag Bits Size 3" to 17-1/2"
Roller Bit Milled Tooth size 4-1/2"
-Drill Specialties
Swivel Wash Pipes
Flexible Exhaust Adapter for CAT D-397, 398 & 399
Exhaust Muffler for CAT D-397, 398 & 399
-Mud Conditioning Equipment
Orbital Motion Retrofit & Laker Baskets (Rumba/Brandt Style)
Linear Motion Shale Shaker
Mud Agitators
Shale Shaker Screens
-Portable Repair Tools
Portable Boring Bar for Insitu Fluid end Repairs.