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Product Manuals

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Drag Bits Manual File Size 486 KB
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-Mud Pump Expendables
Valve Assembly & Component
Hy-Chrome Sleeves Cylinder Liners
Piston Rods
Piston Complete Assembly
-Drill Bits
Drag Bits Size 3" to 17-1/2"
Roller Bit Milled Tooth size 4-1/2"
-Drill Specialties
Swivel Wash Pipes
Flexible Exhaust Adapter for CAT D-397, 398 & 399
Exhaust Muffler for CAT D-397, 398 & 399
-Mud Conditioning Equipment
Orbital Motion Retrofit & Laker Baskets (Rumba/Brandt Style)
Linear Motion Shale Shaker
Mud Agitators
Shale Shaker Screens
-Portable Repair Tools
Portable Boring Bar for Insitu Fluid end Repairs.