1. Lathe machine lb. 25 Centre distance 3000mm, with hydraulic copy turning attachment.
  2. Lathe machine Enterprise 1330 centre distance, 1000mm with all attachments.
  3. Lathe machine Shimoga 2 (Mysore Kirlosker), Centre distance 2500mm.
  4. Lathe machine Shimoga 2 (Mysore Kirlosker), Centre distance 2500mm
  5. Mysore Kirlosker Shimoga 3.
  6. Lathe machine Enterprise 1550, admit between centre 1500mm.
  7. Lathe machine J.C. Weisser West Germany.
  8. Boring Machine.
  9. Lathe cum Drill and Boring Russian.
  10. Russian lathe with variable height headstock.
  11. Diachi Japan four in one tool room lathe.
  12. Tool Room lathe PTC OKHLA.
  13. Tool Room precision lathe with accessories Boley West Germany.
  14. Lathe South Bend USA 2 meter ABC.
  15. Lathe HMT H-22 make 1.00M ABC
  16. Lathe HMT H-22 make 1.50 ABC.


  1. Vertical Milling Machine.
  2. Universal Milling machine.
  3. Universal Milling machine no 2 Cincinnati.
  4. Shaping machine with Stroke 18".
  5. Radial Drilling machine 1" Capacity.
  6. Pillar Type drill machine 2" capacity praga.
  7. Universal Milling machine Brown & Sharpe USA.
  8. Universal Milling machine no-2 Cincinnati


  1. Cylindrical Universal Grinding machine Centre distance 900mm make Churchill.
  2. Cylindrical Universal Grinding machine Centre distance 600mm make Churchill.
  3. Lathe Grinding Attachment.
  4. Two bench Grinders.
  5. Taper Grinding Machine.
  6. Hydraulic Cylinder Honing machine, Bore 8", Stroke 24" (2 Nos).
  7. Bore Grinding Machine.
  8. Hydraulic honing Machine Bames drill USA Bore 8" stroke 48".


  1. Profile Flame cutting machine.
  2. 15 KVA Welding A.C. Transformer.
  3. Oxy Acetylene Brazing set with pre-heating Torch.
  4. Sheet Bending Press.
  5. Hand Shearing machine.
  6. Spot Welding machine (ENGLISH- Phillips make).
  7. Pre-tensioning Jig for wire cloth of Shale Shaker Screen.
  8. Pretension layered screen-fabricating machine for LMSS.
  9. DC Welding Rectifier 400 amps make Sweden.
  10. Hydraulic Press 100 Tons.
  11. E.O.T. Crane SEKIGHARA Japan 5 Tone.
  12. Demag Germany 5 Tonne Electric Hoist.
  13. Hydraulic Press Brake.
  14. Flame Powder Spray Gun for special coatings.


  1. Oil Field Muffle Furnace for case carborising.
  2. Oil Field Muffle Furnace for salt bath.
  3. Electric Muffle Furnace 0-1300 C.
  4. Quenching Oil Tank Capacity 15000 ltrs.
  5. Air Blast Tunnel for Air Quenching.


  1. Universal horizontal metroscope ULM-600 Carl Zeiss
  2. Working and inspection Gauges for all API items on. Plug & Ring size and thread Gauges.
  3. Vernier Calipers of various sizes from 200mm to 1000mm.
  4. Micrometers from 0 to 300mm (Inside & outside).
  5. Cylinder Bore gauge 50 to 400mm.
  6. Surface Plate 24" x 24".
  7. Sine Bar.
  8. Two set of slip guage of A+ Accuracy.
  9. Height Vernier.
  10. Depth Micrometer.
  11. Rockwell hardness Tester with various fixtures for our products (Bench Model).
  12. Portable Poldi Hardness Tester.
  13. Digital & Analogue Temperature indicators.
  14. Temperature Recorder for Monitoring soak period of case carburising operation.
  15. Thermocouple Calibration set.
  16. Metallurgical Microscope.
  17. Hydraulic test pump 7000 PSI.
  18. Two axis measuring traveling microscope.
  19. Surface finish comparison blocks.
  20. Universal vibration measuring instrument.
  21. Tachometers 3 Nos for RPM measurement.


-Mud Pump Expendables
Valve Assembly & Component
Hy-Chrome Sleeves Cylinder Liners
Piston Rods
Piston Complete Assembly
-Drill Bits
Drag Bits Size 3" to 17-1/2"
Roller Bit Milled Tooth size 4-1/2"
-Drill Specialties
Swivel Wash Pipes
Flexible Exhaust Adapter for CAT D-397, 398 & 399
Exhaust Muffler for CAT D-397, 398 & 399
-Mud Conditioning Equipment
Orbital Motion Retrofit & Laker Baskets (Rumba/Brandt Style)
Linear Motion Shale Shaker
Mud Agitators
Shale Shaker Screens
-Portable Repair Tools
Portable Boring Bar for Insitu Fluid end Repairs.