We have developed a Portable Boring Bar for in situ repair of valve pot and gasket seat mud cuts of slush pumps used in drilling rigs.

The mud cut fluid end is welded and subsequently machined using this portable boring bar to get a perfect taper of the valve deck and valve cover gasket groove. The various advantages of this machine tool are as under :-

A. The repair can be carried out at site, without dismantling the fluid end.

B. Exorbitant transportation cost from field to workshop is totally eliminated.

C. For isolated projects it is a bare necessity.

D. Rig shutdown time is reduced drastically.

E. This tool can be adopted to other drill site repair application with minor jig up.


The movable clamp rail is provided a special hinged arrangement to ensure uniform tensioning of the screen. Also it avoids under cutting of basket sides in the event of screen failure, as it does not vibrate loose.

The bearing housing shall be a insert type of facilitate repairs, the complete vibrating mechanism can be separated from the basket assembly if required.

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